Moo Moo White

This is the new Coca Cola product in Japan.
I like the bottle but,
I don't really think that a Fanta with milk would be very popular in Spain... ;)
What do you think?

chrissie macdonald

Artist and designer, she creates amazing pieces.
This are made using catalogues.
More on her web here


This is the only way to make Sara Carbonero look ugly!
Why do they use so much photoshop?

My work - Catalogue - Oenobiol

A for Alice

I found this Etsy shop, where you can by letters!!!
I want an A for my girl! please!!! ;)
Hi again everyone!

My work - Personal card - TComponents

Nao Tamura

Inspired in the shape of a green leaf, Nao Tamura
has won the Salone Satellite Award
at the Salone Internationale del Mobile 2010.
It's sooooo organic!
I can only say it's perfect

My work - Catalogue - Oenobiol

Mobile Browser

This map shows the popularity of different mobile browsing platforms country by country.
Apple is the king!

My work - web - Fundació La Farga

Fundació La Farga web actualization
Can look at the web here

Sweden bread

Designed by A-B-D
It's a very graphic image and simple.