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works with water

Original and very intuitive packaging for this soluble food supplements!
Designed by Elmwood

chocolate postcard!

I tink that it's a very sweet way to buy a souvenir!
Designed by Ruiz+Company for Chovolat Factory

pirouette pinwheels

For a windy day like today and yesterday!
Really love it!
Etsy shop here

Black Umbrella

Nice contrast, nice lines designed by MyORB
Found it so elegant.

"Black Umbrella builds practical, efficient disaster plans for individuals, couples and families. The client chose the name umbrella for its symbolism of protection. We wanted to build upon the idea. As most of their services are for an individuals' or families' home, we used the outer shape of an umbrella as a shield for the house. The logo can be used on its own or can be combined with a complex grid which represents the intricate network of connections and services."


The shapes of this house are so amazing, find the overall so elegant
Can see more here

nice complements

Love this hat from Yellow Field etsy shop
When I saw this earrings I though of M!!! ;)
Isette etsy shop here

travel kits

Original packaging for this travel kits
Designed by Brandhouse

McDonald's Wifi

Found it original!
Agency: DDB, Australia


This corporate image is sooooo fun!
Designed by Tad Carpenter for a shop of yogurt and smoothies.
"A fun yogurt and smoothies concept that I branded that allows the guest to build their own yogurt combination. The Yummo brand was designed to create a contemporary asian yogurt influenced experience for the whole family"

Anastassia Elias

It's so delicate!
She creates magic!
More here

Susanne Philippson

This lamps are amazing!!!!!
Her web here


Love marshmallows!!!! And this pack is so funny!
Designed by Miller Creative


So simple but so effective!


Really like them, husband do you like any?
From an etsy shop Surface Flik


A very usefull way to learn english!

CocaCola Vancouver

This is a special edition for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.
Love the way the designers have played with the wave in the can!
Designed by Turner Duckworth