coat chair

It's clean and very nice, but maybe a little bite hot for summer....
Designed by Fredrik Färg

Tania Alvarez

I really really love this!!!!!!!!! It's one of the most impressive typos I have ever seen.
Designed by Tania Alvarez

ampliem el despatx


el meu fillol que riu més que la padrina (encara que en la foto està seriot!!)
vam tindre una festa de bombolles!! El Lucas estava superdivertit

logos evolution

It's from Scarletbits

sara lee

Elegant redesign of this ice cream packaging.
Down you can look it was before.


This kind of ilustration is more agressive than "This water" (look down). But it's also effective.
Designed by ARD

this is water, really?

I don't know if this looks like water, but at least it's different from the others competitors. Designed by Pearlfisher.


Futurama vinyl mini figures.
Designed by Kidrobot, Javi I will buy you one ;)

nicolas evariste

Nice nice nice!!!!
Here you have more