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la soledad de los numeros primos

Llibre extrany...
No el recomano si s'està deprimit o trist!
El llibre es llegeix molt fàcil, però no és una història fàcil.
Amb tot el recomano, un bon llibre,
les històries tristes també tenen que llegir-se!

more movie posters

Designed by Ibraheem Youssef
Can buy them here


Sinkro festival poster and flyer,
found them interesting!

Verger en Poésie

Agency: atelier bidule
So lovely!

28 millimètres

JR is the author of this big project
28 millimètres uses the photography to try
to bring dignity to the women that live
in "chabolas" and "favelas".
Found the overall project very very interesting.
More here


"Audiovox found that customers choose their earbuds like a fashion accessory and packaging is key to their choice. JDA developed the earBudeez series as personalities with the earbuds as eyes in different positions to convey attitudes and emotions. These fun, eye-catching packages appeal to customers of all ages who want to express themselves with a unique product."

JDA Inc. Retail Ready Design
won the 2009 Gold Pentawards with this earphones

My Ipod Music - Meet me halfway - Black eyed peas

I know it's not what you are used to,
but lately I can take this song from my head!!!
Really like Black Eyed Peas


So cool!
Designed by Didac Ballester, it's a limited edition.
Some nice work on his web!

Dues - Web - La Farga Lacambra

movie posters

Following C movie posters!!
Designed by Shoot the glass,
you can buy them here

Reserve Collection Coffee

It's impressive how sometimes little things can be so worked out!
Designed by Jeff Holmberg

My Ipod Music - Moving - Macaco


Dues - Logotype - Mirror

It won't go any further than this,
but I really liked this logotype!
the new one coming soon!

El viaje del elefante

Ayer terminé este curioso libro.
Lo principal es que lo recomiendo, pero hay que tener un poco de paciencia con él.
Al principio es difícil cogerle el tranquillo, casi no hay puntos y aparte!!!
Narra el viaje de Salomón desde Lisboa hasta Viena, de una manera amena y entretenida.


Like the idea of using crates as shelves!!

ceramic finds

Etsy shop here
Etsy shop here


Clear infographic publish last sunday in El Mundo

Tia Pili

Muchas gracias!!!!
El vestido es precioso, nos encanta!
De nuevo millones de gracias por todo


Cap de setmana fantàstic a Zaragoza!
Com sempre!!!!!

porcelain milk bottles

Loooove them!!!!
More here
New category on the blog, PRESENTS FOR ME!!! ;)

matt kursmark

Nice infographics from this author


Promotional paper from this agency, Toomix
Some curious stuff!!

the apartment

Designed by The Luxury Protest
Like the flowers texture!