My work - Web - Elisabet Freixa

sony walkman metro maps

They are fantastic!
It's a really good poster publicity
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Australia

Flying sofa

I found it soooooooo funny! ;)
The other stuff in the web don't really match with me, but this brooche....
It's so Alice in Wonderland, don't you think?

My work - Wedding Invitations - Estela & Joan

Felted Cupcake

Isn't it cute?
Made by madeinlowell
(etsy shop here)

origami animals

Incredible web with a lot of origami animals and lots of stuff!
So great!!!!!!!!

My work - web - Museu del Coure

Museu del Coure web actualization
Can look at the web here

World's most dangerous volcanoes

Nice and complete infogrpahic designed by Nadezhda Andrianova

Joan Pons

Fresh and colorfull designer
Can see more here

Storm pictures

They are amazing!

photoshop manipulations

Where is her foot? ;)
Better be carefull when you work with photoshop!
It's Christina Hendricks in Esquire

Sun in the Beach

Hope you had a nice weekend!

My work - Catalogue - Museu del Coure

This catalogues help you to follow the exposition at the museum

Mahou negra

New image for Mahou negra
More black impossible!
Designed by Enric Aguilera Asociados


Gràcies mil! Es fantàstic i m'encanta ;)

My Ipod Music - Lady in red - Chris De Burgh

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